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Our Student Testimonials

  • Ryan McKenzie

    Caribbean Aviation Training Center (CATC) is the premier flight training institution in Jamaica and the Caribbean. They made my training enjoyable, practical and in the process did everything they could to ensure value for money. Most importantly though, the training I received has helped me to become a proficient and safe pilot and has done a lot to help build my professionalism and confidence. With an extremely professional staff and world class Flight Instructors, CATC is definitely the right choice for persons who like myself, have always dreamt of becoming a pilot.

    Posted By: Admin Last Update by:Thur, 21/Aug/14

  • Jason Spike

    At Caribbean Aviation Training Center (CATC), I received the best training and treatment. The instructors are very efficient and experienced. I finished my Private Pilot Licence in just a few months, and they saved me a lot of money. Most importantly, they made me a great pilot.The persons at CATC made me feel as if I am part of a big family, "the CATC family". CATC is the best place to be in the Caribbean for flight training and I recommend it to everyone who want to be a safe and efficient pilot and also have a fun flight training experience.

    Posted By: Admin Last Update by:Thur, 21/Aug/14

  • Donald Grant

    Can you imagine a family where everyone is a pilot? Well that is how I feel everyday. I get up and get dressed and go to CATC, the natural warmth from everyone, students and staff alike is simply amazing, sometimes I mix them up. The service and the level of professionalism is "A" class, a class you would expect when aiming for what is arguably the most exciting career known to mankind. I am still in ground school, still have a lot to learn, but i know CATC will make me into the most efficient pilot I can be. My only problem is trying to figure out which instructor to use. :)

    Posted By: Admin Last Update by:Thur, 21/Aug/14

  • Samuel Neil

    I have been associated with the Caribbean Aviation Training Center for a couple of years even before becoming a student there. In my opinion and others, Caribbean Aviation Training center is the most prestige flight training organization in Jamaica and the Caribbean. I have seen persons from all walks of life pursuing their goals in becoming pilots at Caribbean Aviation and some of which are now some of the best pilots you can find in the Industry. This however is one of the things that motivated me and others to pursue our training at C.A.T.C. The flight instructors that I have the privilege in working with are truly an inspiration, they are the type of pilots who anyone would desire to teach them to fly and they have motivated and mentored me in many ways. Caribbean Aviation has a lovely fleet of aircraft which is highly maintained by the engineers. Each day the hard working, skilled and dedicated engineers ensure that the planes are ready and safe to fly. I have had the privilege in observing and working with these engineers and pilots and it has given me rewarding experiences and exposure that i am grateful for. The management team is als what it needs to be, they are supportive, dedicated and committed in making things happen the way they ought to be, especially for the benefit of the students and the staff. C.A.T.C has contributed to building Jamaica's Aviation Industry by creating pilots and also by being the home of the "Boscobel Jamaica Airshow". If you are looking for some of the best training you could get as a pilot and you're in Jamaica or the Caribbean, check out Caribbean Aviation Training Center, they'll get you to where you desire to be in aviation.

    Posted By: Admin Last Update by:Thur, 21/Aug/14

  • Robert Roper

    The Caribbean Aviation Training Centre is a great place to learn to fly with amazing instructors and a wonderful team to aid you to get to your goal in the wonderful aviation industry. With reliable and well maintained aircraft to enhance your flying experience, CATC to me, is the best place in Jamaica for you to get started with avation, continue your career path and be around others with the same mind set about the joy of aviation.

    Posted By: Admin Last Update by:Thur, 21/Aug/14

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