International Student Program

We Teach The World To Fly!

Caribbean Aviation Training Center specializes in working with international students who are searching for a structured flight education, a secure environment, and a pleasurable experience.

Our Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) Computer Based Program is designed to offer the highest quality training in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Unlike most flight schools, our courses are not based on minimum flight times. Our program has been designed to make the goal of becoming a professional aviator attainable. Your journey to that goal begins at Caribbean Aviation Training Center.

Throughout your program and beyond, the staff at Caribbean Aviation Training Center will provide the support you need to achieve your goal. Our flight instructors are experienced pilots who take pride in the high quality of training they provide.

At Caribbean Aviation Training Center, we also understand that you want an All Inclusive cost structure that is easy to understand. Since our program is not based on the minimum amount of flight time required to complete each pilot certificate and rating, the majority of students that attend Caribbean Aviation Training Center will complete their course for the advertised cost. We have included the essential equipment, books, and materials into the price of your program. Upon arriving at Caribbean Aviation Training Center, that means you will have uniform and logbook, and all of your equipment ready for use.


NOTE: All new classes start every other month, Monday to Thursday & Saturday and Sunday.

Have a look at our Downloads page to see the guidelines for foreign exchange students attending school in Jamaica.